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Profile of Managing Director - Abubakar Mohammed

Abubakar Mohammed is a long term experienced and Professional Electrical Engineer and completed Basic Electricals from Ghana Armed forces Senior High School and has been driving through the Technical Education for various Electrical Certifications from the Energy Commission In 2004 to 2008 Mohammed worked with Electricity Company of Ghana as a Volunteer Technician and also helping in Electrical drawings. In 2008 Mohammed Joined international water and electric cooperation. After two years I was promoted to assistant site manager. Also, I was in-charge of supervision of quality and progress of works. In 2012 I was given a task to do defects and maintenance works in the whole of upper west and northern region Project for one year and this brought the founding of Hajmoh Electrical Engineering Company. Because of our excellence works which was given to us in the upper east and Northern Regions in 2014 and I was awarded another contract to rollover. In 2016 I was awarded another rollover contract which is still pending and this was based on our expertise and experience in the areas of our work. Before 2016 China Water trimmed down the number of contractors, they had from 25 to 8 due to inefficiency in work. Currently I am among the top two most efficient contractors China water has.

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