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The days of one man one job in industry are now long gone and there is a strong need to have maintenance engineers that are capable of many diverse skills. As there is a heavy reliance of electrically powered machinery and systems it is essential that maintenance engineers and technicians have a good, basic understanding of electrical theory and regulations as well as the practical skill essential to carry out electrical work safely in a work environment. This ten-day course adopts a practical approach to enable delegates to gain a working knowledge the of electrical control systems and focusses on developing the electrical skills and knowledge needed by those who have been employed in a mainly mechanical environment.


During the course the delegates will cover the following subject areas in depth.

  • Lighting circuit two way and intermediate
  • Power Circuits – domestic
  • Terminating cables
  • Testing procedures
  • Instrument
  • Insulation and continuity tester
  • Visual inspection
  • Earth continuity (circuit protection conductor)
  • low resistance
  • Polarity (switches in live conductor)
  • Insulation test high resistance MegOhms
  • Control circuits – ELV 1v to 50v
  • Motor control circuit EM1,2 and 5
  • Testing – multimeter volts low voltage/resistance
  • Single phase safe isolation procedures
  • Three phase safe isolation procedures

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