Hajmoh Engineering Comppany Limited offers wide range of construction engineering



Hajmoh offers wide range of wiring services to both Domestic and Commercial Facilities and genuine and secured Electrical Cables from our expertise and we have full warranty of services to provide for your business or home


We consult for high-end Electrical and Civil Engineering project implementation at clients’ site

  • Strategy planning
  • Assessment
  • Procurement
  • Re-engineering solutions
  • After sale service


    Hajmoh Electrical engineering company Limited offers wide range of electrical extensions to most rural communities as well as Urban Communities. We have an infrastructure designs with our project team in setting up Electricity across these areas with Layout to Full Power supply.


    HAJMOH has the expertise and experience to cover all Electrical Installations within their services as in Installation of Transformers, Installation of Meters, Installation of Cables and Other Electrical Machines on Project Sites. This provides our customers the best of both worlds - control and flexibility over their Electrical systems without either the pain or cost of running them.

    Electrical Solutions

    Extension of Low Voltage and High Tension Supply of Electrical Extensions to Communities and Factories Installation of Transformers Installation of Electric Meters Laying of Underground Cables Planting poles Stringing Cables Sale of Transformers Sale of Electric Cables Sale of Electrical Items Wiring of Domestic and Commercial Buildings Building and Road Construction Finishing of Buildings and Consultancy


    We offer Transformers, Electrical Devices, Electrical Cables and Electrical Poles by sourcing from local market and from international market as well. Our team of experts is ready to serve you when you are worried due to lack of confidence in “commitment of service”. You are hereby requested to call us for directives and best of quality Products.

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